Aurora Scheelings

Aurora Scheelings

About Aurora

Aurora Scheelings is a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker with national and international broadcast credits (ABC, SBS, RTE, Al Jazeera, UK History Channel, Sky Arts 2).

She has worked as an independent filmmaker on commissioned works as well as within television as documentary producer for Australian public broadcasting (ABC, SBS).

Her films have explored homelessness, multi-cultural and cross-cultural themes and ethnographic studies more broadly, including the nature and culture of television production itself.

Aurora is a lecturer in screen media and coordinator of the New Media courses at Charles Darwin University. As an academic Aurora writes on film practice, conventions and emerging trends – she is currently writing on collaborative filmmaking as social practice for Palgrave Macmillan (2019).

Talk: Documentary film within television practice

Given the broad mix of documentary practitioners making what is now mostly referred to as “content” for factual programming, the traditional conventions, the serious intent, the treatment of actuality has become somewhat muddied amidst singular efforts to make what is deemed compelling television.

It is within this contemporary maelstrom of factual filmmaking that there is an increasing need for reflection from what Nichols has referred to as “the community of practitioners”, those responsible for debating and negotiating the future of the form.

This paper discusses three separate productions made for public service broadcasting (from Canada, the UK, and Australia) from the perspective of three different practitioners to highlight debates and key issues at play in the contemporary documentary landscape.