Darren Wershler

Darren Wershler

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Darren Wershler is the Concordia University research Chair in Media and Contemporary Literature, the co-founder of the Media History Research Centre, and the director of the Residual Media Depot.

With Jussi Parikka and Lori Emerson, he is writing THE LAB BOOK: Situated Practice in Media Studies, under contract to University of Minnesota Press.

Talk: The newspaper stripped bare

The newspaper is the most prominent example of what John Guillory calls an “information genre” — a form that we pretend is free of literariness so that we can use it to convey the peculiar modern commodity we call “information.”

Yet the history of 20th-century and early 21st-century experimental writing and art is the history of artists demonstrating over and over that the newspaper is anything but neutral.

This talk uses that history (with special attention to McLuhan’s misreading of Mallarmé) to contextualize several moments in 21st century conceptual writing — at the precise historical moment that the print newspaper begins its transfiguration into the digital.