Tony Curry

Tony Curry

About Tony

Tony Curry is an award-winning journalist and documentary film maker from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He spent more than two decades as a producer and director with UTV and BBC.

His work has been recognised with a Royal Television Society Documentary Award, an RTS nomination, three Celtic Film Festival Current Affairs Awards, two EMA Factual Programme Awards and a Finalist Certificate at the New York Film and Television Festival.

He believes that television documentaries should make an emotional connection with the audience, whether holding authority to account, giving a voice to the underdog, righting a wrong or simply telling a compelling story. They can outrage, enlighten, entertain and inspire, and sometimes they can make a difference.


Talk: Telling stories - the creative process

Tony Curry will reflect on some of the films he has made, featuring themes including miscarriages of justice, clerical abuse, the dark days of Northern Ireland's violent past and the history of Irish rock music.

He’ll explore the challenges, strategies, relationships and motivations involved in the process of turning an idea into a finished film. How do you bring down the Irish Government and how do you persuade a reclusive rock legend like Van Morrison to agree to be interviewed?

Film screening

Life Sentence

In 1975 six Irish men were convicted of murdering 21 people in two bomb attacks on pubs in Birmingham, England. The case would become one of the most notorious miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

Their convictions were eventually overturned sixteen years later after it was revealed that evidence was fabricated at the original trial. In this film the Birmingham Six tell their story and reflect on a decade of freedom.

So Hard To Beat

The history of Northern Ireland rock and pop music over four decades, featuring contributions from Van Morrison, Gary Moore, Snow Patrol, The Undertones and many more.

The film contains rare archive and interviews with the Derry man who wrote a hit song for Elvis and the Irish guitarist who played in Paul McCartney’s band.