Warwick Mules

Warwick Mules

About Warwick

Warwick Mules is Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Southern Cross University and Honorary Senior Researcher in the School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland.

He is the author of With Nature: Nature Philosophy as Poetics through Schelling, Heidegger, Benjamin and Nancy (Intellect 2014), as well as numerous articles on film, art and media.

His particular interest lies in deconstructive analysis of cultural texts, employing ideas and strategies from a range of sources, including Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-Luc Nancy and Walter Benjamin.


Talk: Phantoms of the screen: film figures and cinematic time

This presentation is concerned with film figures – the appearing of images on the screen as a production of cinematic time.

I will introduce the concept of the figure as a phantom – a residual presence haunting the film world with a withdrawing otherness (the degree zero of film).

To demonstrate the resistive power of the figure, I will present a number of images from various films, including F.W. Murnau’s The Haunted Castle (1921) and Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion (1941), showing how film analysis can reveal a figural logic at work in these films, giving them life while withdrawing at the same time.

This kind of analysis provides insight into the creative work of the film makers, whose close attention to film images and their ability to invoke otherness is used throughout the history of cinema as a way of countering the seamless editing of classical Hollywood cinema.